JavaScript – Drawing Golden Spirals on Images 11.7

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In the numbers of the fractional sym­bols, the divisor [lower] in­di­cates how many times the radius increases to the ratio φ, while the dividend [upper] through how many expanding golden circles this takes place; ie 2/5 means five times in the 720° of two expanding circle = 144°. For the button the radius value is the re­sult of the cus­tom­ized division, say φ(1)lenght)/(360°×0.4…).
As to the (ex-) and (ex-), they are for the calculations lists output, refer to the first help: You can cache live data.

Rad Len Rot Δ % $
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 zx ,zy  '  s-pinwheel
The . aside to the image rotation degs, can now independently flip and dis­play the spiral rotation direction, which can be multiplied and overlapped in both ways. Please be patient if some minor issues may still occur with the anti-spiral button, due to the crossover of the console and gallery features.

H E L P (upgrade section) 

A previous help section, dedicated to the first release of this console, is a­vail­a­ble at the presentation page, introducing the first and simply drawing tool.
If you got here directly by a link, you may need to acquire the basic steps, de­scribed in the chapter dedicated to the true golden spirals

An ultimate help section, dedicated to the probably fundamental equilibrium of all golden spirals, is a­vail­a­ble at the next page, introducing to the first advanced postulate about their functionality aimed at the physical dimension.

% The vital principle of the Golden Spiral

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